Patience vs Procrastination

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Procrastination is considered a bad thing, while patience a virtue.  So what’s the difference?  One is putting off something you know you need to do-the result is often anxiety.  While the other involves waiting peacefully until the time is right.

Do I have the information I need to make an informed decision or take the correct action? 


Am I overwhelmed, stuck and unable to move forward even when I know what I must do?

The patient one is actively engaged in considering possibilities and setting goals, a budget, a tentative schedule.  The procrastinator is turning the receptors off.  Stops opening the closet, the mail, won’t return the phone call, is daunted by information.

Sometimes a little procrastination can be a healthy thing.  Got a prickly pear of a problem?  Do something relaxing to clear your head.  Go for a walk, take a drive. Seek help from above.

Peace will come in patient planning.

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