Are You Ready for the Next Big Adventure?

Great travel ideas from a client of mine and her home organizer….

Creating a Travel Closet, a Checklist and an Itinerary.  

There is so much to remember when taking a big trip.  Having a list is a good way to eliminate travel stress.

If you plan on international travel, do you need a Visa?  Is your Passport up to date.  Do you need a 110/220 adapter?  Is your phone plan set for international calling?  Does the bank know you plan to take ATM money from foreign locations?

Having a dedicated shelf or travel closet for the small size travel supplies is a great way to have what you need easy to gather for the next big adventure.

A checklist so you don’t forget the important things is a must.  Did I water the plants?  Turn off the water?  Stop the mail?

Creating an itinerary and sending your family a copy of your itinerary is also important.

Need help with the list or the itinerary?  My Concierge LLC makes lists customized to meet the individual need.


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