Everyone Needs Shoes – A Message to Entrepreneurs

I was copied on an email where the writer wrote something negative about me.  At the time, I was looking for someone in his field.  He made the mistake of not seeing me as a potential customer.  He lost my business.

You may have analyzed your business to determine your target market, but that can change.  I started my business to help seniors.  Then I realized young business owners needed my help and I expanded.  After that I learned single women also needed help.  I very quickly realized everyone has some sort of office administration and not all are gifted with numbers, money management or paper.

You may be a single person struggling with a budget, or a business owner needing some new ideas on office organizing.  You may be helping a senior family member and need some perspective.  You may need my help.

There is an old story of 2 shoe salesmen who went to a village.  One reported back to the office, “I can’t sell here because no one wears shoes.”  The other excitedly said, “Everyone here needs shoes…I need more to sell!”

I try to be aware that most people may need my help at sometime.  Just like the salesman who realized everyone needed his shoes.

If your business is struggling you may need to broaden your target market.  Don’t be hesitant to pass out your business card to whomsoever.  You don’t know who needs a new pair of shoes.


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