A Plan for Success


Some years ago I helped a charity that had changed from a mainly all volunteer group to hiring a CEO and paid office manager.  The original CEO was retiring.  This organization’s founder had dedicated 30 years of loving, free service to the cause, helping the needy in the area.  The Board of Directors was made up of supporting churches.  The Board would now need to act as HR to these two employees.  The budget would be revised and overseen by a board treasurer.  There were brainstorming sessions.  There were suggestions of new projects to implement and committees needed to oversee.  The plan was written to be used as a guide to help make for a smoother transition.  I don’t know how much of that plan is now part of regular business, but I do know the organization is still going strong and a vital part of their community.

A business plan can help give vision for the future.  It can give the owner a way to articulate their great idea to potential investors and new clients.  I just rewrote my plan to help me have a conversation with a bank.

You probably have a plan, but have you written it down so others can support it?  It is also good to look back at your plan regularly and see what has worked and what needs to change. If writing is not your skill you may look at the Small Business Administration for guidance or find someone like me to help.

Ben Franklin is credited with saying:  “He who fails to plan is planning to fail” 

Ben helped plan a country.pexels-photo-730547.jpeg


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