Exciting times ahead.

Retirement years which some may dread.

Look forward to days at the beach.

It is almost within reach.

Join my journey with spouse and me.

As we build a house, and he dreams to be work free.

A little scary to do something we’ve never done.

I’m sure with my guy it will also be fun.

So join us please, there’s more to come

As we transition….

As a personal assistant, who helps seniors, I experience a lot of families in transition.  Mom & Dad moving to a senior community.  The spouse is experiencing health issues,  retiring.  There is so much to deal with and it can be overwhelming.  Financial stress as well as emotional.  I appreciate what you may be going through. I help people in these and similar circumstances. I have personal experience too.

I remember when my mother stopped cooking.  It was after she had heart surgery at 80.  She loved to cook for the whole family but it just took too much energy.  Then Dad stopped driving.  Someone else had to take them to doctor appointments and shopping.  Me, mostly.  Eventually there was the transition to assisted living and later full nursing care.  It was very expensive and traumatic to them.  I had to take over managing the money as dad’s Alzheimers got progressively worse when mom died of cardiovascular disease.  Nobody told me i would be doing these things or how emotional it would be. To make matters harder dad was very popular with the ladies.  I did not see that coming.  My parents were married 65 years and suddenly dad was alone and a bachelor.  Add to the stress I had my own family, husband, kids, grandchildren, and a full time job. Juggling visits to parents, emergency hospital trips and keeping a boss happy.  My spouse and kids also had some health issues.  For a while, I visited one ER so often other staff thought I was an employee.  I can look back on that time as a faded memory and even think it was a bit funny I was mistaken for hospital staff when I knew where they kept the warm blankets.  Dad’s gone now too.  Kids are grown, grandkids growing.

The transitioning continues.  My husband will retire the end of this month.  I am happy for him and at the same time wondering how the change will affect us.  I remember when my dad retired early at 62 how freaked out my mom was.  She did not want her space invaded all day long and there was the fear of not enough money.  It all worked out well.  Dad and mom would live the good life of retirees for 30 years, traveling and entertaining until their 80’s.

Last summer my spouse and I sold our house.  We purchased land near a beach where we will enjoy the sand, fishing and boating.  But we must first build that beach house.  So here I am wondering about our budget, the stress of the build and transitioning to a new location, a different lifestyle.  What is that going to look like, how different will it be?  Can I continue to work as before and develop some new working relationships at the new place?

I am suddenly thinking of that song from Fiddler on the Roof,Tradition.  I want to sing a parody “Transition, Transition, Transition!”  If you could imagine me singing off-key as I clumsily dance around you’d be laughing.  I don’t sing or dance well, but I have enthusiasm.  I am sure my kids would be embarrassed, as would my spouse, but he would indulge me.  Humor is a good way to cope with stress and the transition.  We are all transitioning at times, so let’s enjoy the ride.

Going to the beach today.  Maybe I will dance on the sand and sing my new song.  Transition….


2 thoughts on “Transition…..

  1. Love this, Patty! You both certainly deserve a slice of peaceful pie at the shore in your retiring years…👌♥️🙏

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