Just read a good blog on things to consider as we age.  I like to add a few suggestions:

Stay connected.

I cared for a 90+ lady, named Ann, for a while.  She asked me to make some notes on her holiday cards.  My favorite was to her highschool friend:  “write...I’m still here.”  Then she said “there are only 2 of us now left from that class.”  Our circles of friends may get smaller as we age.  Keeping in touch is important.


I was recently located by my college roommate after 40 years.  Wow!  I tried to find her, but her name had changed and she had moved.  I am so glad her sister found me on social media.  She is now a widow of 3 years caring for 2 elderly parents by herself.  She is still the cheerful butterfly I remembered in school, when we were art students.  We still share a passion for beautiful things.  It’s as though we never parted.  We are 3 hours apart by car and it’s hard for us to get physically together, so we will call and FaceTime to stay connected.  She called last night.  I was thrilled to hear her voice.  She texts me too.

Make new friends

I have a friend who is a guy living across the pond (the Atlantic pond). We met 9 years ago. We share faith in our Friend, Jesus.  We have traveled to each other’s country to visit and now visit via Skype.  I have several faith friends, they are great encouragers.

Keep the old

When I was very young I learned a ditty:  Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. 

My husband is my friend of 45 years. He is almost retired as a chef. He is a loving husband, dad and doting granddad.  He is good with his hands. Not only can he cook, he built his own boat.  I could not do that, but I can manage the money, so we complement each other in our skills.  And we both like fishing.  We are currently living in very small quarters while we plan to build a house.  Some of our other friends marvel that we can live so close together and take on such a challenge at our age.  I keep telling them and myself, I am only 29 on the inside. 

Be ageless

I have friends young and old, too many to name here today.  One of my friends was a friend of my late mom, who plays the piano when I visit.  We share memories.  We both love music.

My best buddy is 4.   “Gram, did you crochet that?” she asks, admiring my blanket.

“Yes, I did,”  so glad she noticed.

“I crochet,” she says proudly.

(“Mom, she has lace-up cards she calls her crochet.” my daughter, my friend, quietly explains.)   I am thinking, hey, my little buddy and I are colleagues who like to share our creative side.  Together we are ageless.

I believe friends keep us young.  I like having a lot of them.  Could we be friends?

jz2Nlz4JQviBG7fVERtpwgOne is silver….


…..the other gold.

My late BFF Lee pictured above with her granddaughter.  Lee was a lot older than me.  We worked together 7 years.  She was a great mentor, a sharing, caring person. We maintained our relationship even after I relocated.  We would remain friends for 39 years.  About Lee, a mutual friend said:  “some people collect nik-naks. Lee collected people.”  Lee was a faith friend.  I will see her again someday.

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