Service with a Smile

My husband and I often dine at a small local bistro.  The owner always smiles when he sees us.  We are greeted by name when we enter, and when we leave by either him or his staff.  He trains his staff by example to appreciate the customer.  We feel like family there.

I once worked in an office where they cleared the conference table at noon and everyone was invited to bring their lunch to the table.  No shop talk allowed. No work calls taken during that lunch hour.  We were work-family dining together.  I still remember conversations we had.  One funny story, involved one of our guys sharing how he had just come from a business meeting with some new associates.  One of them, thinking we were a large firm, inquired if our coworker ever met our company president. He joking replied, he knew what he looked like because there was a picture of him on the office wall. We all laughed including the CEO, who was having lunch with us that day.  It was a great place to work.

A small business owner who smiles, who knows his customers by name; a boss who dines his employees.  Those are the kind of  businesses I want to associate with, and to emulate:   the ones who make me feel like family, who provide their services with a smile.


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