Love Notes

It is so easy to send text and email.  But to send a handwritten note in the mail takes a little more effort, an envelope, a stamp; maybe even a trip out and an interruption of productivity.


I had the most wonderful dog.  Her name was Roxxy.  She was very gentle and loved to run.  One day she got out of the fence and ran.  As soon as I noticed Roxy was out I called and she came back immediately.  My phone rang shortly after and an angry neighbor jogger told me how scared she was.  Roxy had been chasing her. (Roxxy was a Rottweiler, so I understood her fear)  I apologized and tried to reassure her my dog was gentle.  Then followed up with a note inviting her over to get to know us both better.  The lady called me again.  She said it had been a very long time since anyone had written her. The note made all the difference in our future relationship.

The real Roxxy.  Photo courtesy of her human mom, Holly Sepety, who raised her from a pup.

I learned to write notes from my mother.  She was depression era so she wrote on anything: old envelopes, scraps of paper, ledger paper.  She wrote to me in college on 8 1/2 x 11 lined paper, front and back, 3 pages folded into a little envelope. Her letters would begin like this:  I got up at 6 am this morning and ironed for 2 hours, then I went to the store to get…for dinner, Then a got a phone call….  and so on.  She covered her day from sun up until bed time.  She wrote 2-3 times a week.  My roommate and dorm friends all wanted to read her letters.  I did not understand their letter envy until I realized some did not get any mail.  Mom’s mundane routine fascinated them and helped us all be a little less homesick.  My mom taught me that sharing simple things could make someone else’s day.  So I write. Most days I use texts and emails.  For special times, I use snail mail, and I write.  Thanks, Mom.



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