Thank you, James. Thank you, Lord.


Walked into the funeral home.  My husband’s nephew had just passed away.  My husband hugged his brother.  Next to them stood a tall slender well-dressed black man.  He was the only man of color there. My sister-in-law smiled when she introduced us to James, as the man who shared his faith in Jesus with her husband.

James shook our hands. He spoke of his conversations with our brother regarding my husband and expressed how happy he was to finally meet us.

He said he had worked with our brother for a long time. He talked warmly of their friendship at the office and their discussions about faith.  It was a sad day, but this man took the time to be there even though he did not know most of the mourners  His presence was a blessing.

A month later we visited our family again.  James’ name came up. I was very curious to know more about a co-worker who cared so much.  I asked what he did.  James was the janitor.

James was a true friend, not just in words, but by his actions.  Now my brother-in-law has assurance he will see his son again.  And we can all rejoice even in our sorrow.

Is this a time of sadness for you?  There can be joy in the mourning.  “He is not here, He is risen, just as He said…”

Happy Easter!