Body Double Motivater

It’s Monday.  A day when it may be hard to get motivated.

This is the day when my girlfriend and I help some kids at a local school with their homework.

I don’t do much.  I encourage.  Sometimes I don’t understand what they are doing.  So I ask questions,  They like teaching me. I am their body double.  It’s a psychology concept I heard about from a friend.  I don’t understand how it works, but it does.  I have seen it in action.

Was called to a friend’s home who could not get motivated.  Soon after I arrived they jumped up, got a vacuum and cleaned with vigor.  On another occasion went to visit a client with a lot of paperwork and a deadline.  Once again, soon after I arrived they were on a mission.  I simply offered a few words of advice and marveled at how empowered they were.


The body double works.

Having trouble getting going?  Invite a friend or colleague into your space.  You may help each other. Happy Monday!


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