Be a Happy duck business

Observe the swimming duck, so peaceful as she gracefully glides on the water. Do you see the wake she leaves behind? Think about what’s happening under the water –she is paddling like crazy! That’s how it is with business. The clients should see you glide effortlessly providing excellent timely service. They should not see you…Read more »

The silence is deafening

Sometimes those we love drift away for what ever reason. Sometimes we cannot get understanding or closure. I have a relative who went missing for ten years. I searched for him without any results. We eventually reconnected when he decided to contact our family. The way we coped was to not to talk about him…Read more »

What good is a bookkeeper?

One of my favorite clients (that’s like having a favorite child….you can love them all in different ways)…. as I was saying… this particular favorite hired me to do her books to alleviate stress. While she understood bookkeeping and was already using QuickBooks, it was not fun for her. My client was a professional organizer…Read more »

Whom the Lord sets free

Letting go is hard work, but so worth the effort. It can take different forms: Decluttering a home Giving away clothes that don’t fit Giving up a home or a vehicle There may be sense of loss but there may also be that release from what was holding back…. What about people? I don’t let…Read more »

Life Changes and minimizing loss

Loss may take many forms: Obvious one being the death of a loved one. Still missing my friend Lee who was a part of my life for 40 years. Keep those special memories alive with an album. Lee was a great picture saver. Job loss. Lost a couple of clients due to the pandemic travel…Read more »

Open in VA…

Never had to close my doors. My heart goes out to those who did. Was able to go totally virtual. Did your paperwork get behind during all the quarantine? I can help. Most office administrative work can be done without a lot of personal interaction. In fact, it works better when you simply give the…Read more »