Lock Box vs Fire Safe

Happy to say my spouse and I are back from our September 2018 Zone A mandatory evacuation.  My heart goes out to those who still cannot return home. One thing we made sure of was to grab our fire safe.  It is a box that weighs about 35-40 lbs and holds our critical documents.  Years…Read more »

Stay Safe in Bad Weather

Are you prepared for bad weather? Is there a flashlight by the bed with working batteries? Do you have an emergency First Aid Kit that is up to date? Do you have a list of your current medications in your wallet? Is your car fully fueled in case of evacuation? Does your family know where…Read more »

The nursing home blues

  I’ve got the walker cane, achey bones, not ready to go, nursing home blues.  Oh, yeah. Is someone you know singing the blues? I visited elderly homes as a teenager in a church group.  We would visit the lonely and sing to them.  I vowed emphatically I would NEVER put anyone I loved in…Read more »