Another Milestone

Do you watch the mile markers as you travel?  When the numbers I see get bigger, I know I am close to home as I travel North. The numbers in life get bigger as we travel, too.  Sunday, May 12, 2019 is not just Mother’s Day it is our anniversary.  It’s a time when we…Read more »

Who needs a will?

You do……. …..if you are old enough to be in the military, own property, get married, and/or have children, you should have an estate plan. Your Plan should include at least 3 documents:  a Will, a Power of Attorney and a Medical Directive.   In order to make your plan you will need to decide who you…Read more »

Pecking away at debt

Did you know there is a pecking order for dealing with debt? 1 . Home…you need a roof over your head and food on your table. (some mortgage companies allow for deferments or refinance to help if your circumstances change.  For example: in a divorce.) 2 . Vehicle…you need transportation to get to work, so…Read more »