Cars Keys Please

Learning to drive and getting the first set of car keys is a memorable event.  Giving them up is traumatic. When should someone stop driving? It is not as simple as “at a certain age”.  The determination depends on health and responsiblity.  Does driving cause you or others a lot of anxiety?  Your doctor and…Read more »

Why I am Fasting for Life

My mom  had extremely high bad cholesterol leading to coronary artery disease and a triple bypass at 80.  Then a stroke. My mom took so many pills I kept a list in my wallet for when we visited the ER.   Pills did not help.   My brother also had to have bypass surgery in his late 60’s. …Read more »

Hiring for just about any job

Interview 3 When I worked for the rich and famous I was asked to get more than one quote when a subcontractor was needed. What an education!  No matter the profession, from doctors to ditch diggers the approach may vary greatly.  And not just the approach, the price, the time frame, too.  I would pick…Read more »

Stop Abuse

If you want to see a really good movie… that can make a difference go see “I Can Only Imagine.” I saw it twice.  Parts of it are hard to watch even the second time.  I winced at the violence I knew was not fictional.  I imagined how many children and adults are victims of…Read more »