Good Faith

You find you cannot pay a bill in full, so you may write a creditor a “good faith” letter saying you can pay such and such amount until your circumstances improve.  Creditors may accept this, if you are consistent and honor your word.  It also looks good to the Judge if you do get taken…Read more »

Oh taste and see

Recently at a new friend’s place and they offered me some choices of unfamiliar things.  I said, “surprise me.” I enjoy going shopping with a new friend, especially grocery shopping.  Or having a different home-cooked meal.  These are opportunities to get new recipes and try something different.  It is an opportunity to encourage someone else…Read more »

How to have Holiday Peace

I remember holidays full of high expectations and obligations, often too much to enjoy. Shopping Spending Cleaning Baking Traditions Hurrying to events Scheduling visits with friends and relatives Deadlines for mailing cards and gifts What should be a fun experience may become overwhelming. Plan ahead – Decide in advance what events are most important to…Read more »