Plan ahead for severe weather

    Prepare ahead for a power outage: Is your cell phone fully charged? Flashlights working? Do you have enough meds, food, water? Communicate with others, but keep conversations short in case someone else is trying to get through Buddy up with a friend or family if your home or theirs is too cold If…Read more »

Moving Songs Send Me

In the words of that lyrical bard, Dion: “Yeah, I’m the wanderer…” We were all settled in our rental, awaiting building a new home on land we purchased.  The process was at a standstill.  I missed the joys of painting walls and having a garden.  In frustration, I was surfing the net and one day…Read more »

Count your beans business owners

  I check my pantry before going to the store.  I also keep a weekly list of anything I know I am low on.  Applying this to a business makes sense. Inventory before you shop.  Take stock of the office and housekeeping supplies as well as your shop stock.  Why buy stock you don’t need? …Read more »

Happy New Year

Loving living in Cape Charles VA this past year.  Last night they lowered a giant crab pot to ring in the new year. It has been a year of transition for us.  David retired from a company he worked for 17 years.  Now he is enjoying part time work at a popular local restaurant.  I…Read more »

From Debt to Dough

Here are some hints that helped me watch my dough grow: Stop using credit cards:  Don’t spend what you do not have. Avoid impulse buying and buyers remorse:  Always shop around, especially on large purchases.  See something you must have?  Go home and sleep on it.  Write down the pros and cons. Good faith payment: …Read more »

Holiday Fun for all ages

Doing a group craft during the holidays can bring joy to young and old. This season, besides the customary baking, I sat with a group of 30 ladies at a church and learned wreath making from an 80-something dear who, as a child, helped her family farm raise money during holidays creating custom wreaths that…Read more »